#TurnAroundJustin: Bieber Goes Butt-Naked for Instagram Selfie

There is domestic unrest across the United States as racial tension returns to the public sphere. There is perpetual war in the Middle East. The fragile mold of economic tyranny has shattered in Greece. But never mind all that, have you seen Justin Bieber’s naked butt yet? No? Well then ‘boy, do we have a treat for you.

Justin bieber butt selfie
Click on the image to see it uncensored.

Just look at how blue that water is. And how green that mountain is. And how fluffy those clouds are. That’s a nice boat, too. Oh, yeah, and there’s Justin Bieber’s butt. The pop star is currently in the South Pacific, specifically Bora Bora, touring exotic tropical destinations. This morning, Bieber fans have been touring his exotic destination. The rest of us are just glad he didn’t turn around.

Not all of us, I guess.

Okay, maybe more people want him to turn around than we thought.


As a war rages between the Iraqi Kurds and the self-proclaimed Islamic State, one which will determine the future of a free Syria and liberate or condemn millions to the totalitarian edicts of a violent and repressive cult, the internet went loco over Justin Bieber’s butt selfie. The hashtags #LetsSeeTheRestOnShots and #turnaroundjustin both trended on Twitter as fans begged to see more.

Okay, so maybe there are more important things going on in the world. But hey, the JB fandom actually has a great sense of humor, and there was no shortage of laughs this morning.

This one is a personal favorite:


Vine users also hopped aboard the butt-selfie bandwagon, with hilarious results.


No matter what your opinion of Justin Bieber or his fans (or his butt, for that matter), you have to admit—that’s some pretty funny stuff. Not as funny as spending $35,000 on a degree in journalism to write about somebody’s bare bottom, or anything—but still pretty funny.

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