Cards Against Humanity Creates Pack For a Good Cause


Ah, yes, Cards Against Humanity. That wonderful, wonderful card game that brings out the sleaziest, dirtiest, goriest sides of our humor, all in the name of good, clean, harmless fun. (of course, your mileage may vary for what,”good, clean, harmless fun” is, but we’ll leave you to decide on that.)

For all the sniggering and laugh-out-loud ribaldry this game squeezes out of people, the wickedly brilliant brains behind this have cooked something up in their think tank or a good cause. Afficionados may no purchase a brand-spanking-new Science Pack for the low, low price of $10. That’s not a lot of money for an added level of nerdy fun and riot. The pack has generated $280,000 in sales — and counting — within the first week of release alone.

What’s inside the pack? check out these samples. First, the black cards:


Then, the white cards:


This is just a sneak peek of what the expansion has waiting for you. Mix and match them however you want to; it’s100% guaranteed scientific fun.

Now, about the cause: 100% of the profits from these packs will be donated to full-ride scholarships for women taking up studies in STEM fields. (Just in case we’ve lost you on the acronym, that’s Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).

Applications will be open August of 2016, and a mailing list is now open to any woman who wants to make her Science dreams come true.  applications will be reviewed by a board of 40 women in the sciences, and these ladies encourage anyone in high school or college who identifies as female “in a way that’s significant to them.” Plus points for inclusivity and all sisters sticking together!

The Cards Against Humanity Science Pack is brought to you from the pens of Phil Plait (Bad Astronomy) and Zach Weinersmith (of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal fame. Oh, and he designed the pack too.)

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