12 California Kids Form Human Swastika And Racist Hate Group Inside School

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The funny thing about racism is that it is not natural to human beings, meaning babies are not born racist. You don’t see them coming out of their mothers’ wombs heiling Hitler or disdaining their skin color for not being fair enough. Hence, it can be rather puzzling that a group of school kids formed a racist group and even formed human swastika at school.

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They had to learn that somewhere, right? The alarming incident took place in California in Matilija Junior High School, Ojai. 12 students apparently got involved in an exchange of hate messages through texts and closed chat rooms. However, what really got them in trouble was their human swastika exhibit on the school’s lawn during lunch break. There, they laid on the field to form the shape of the human swastika.

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Because of that, the 12 received a “disciplinary consequence” issued by the school officials. As for the said hate messages, it was actually discovered back in December last year by one of their parents who then printed them out on a 112-page compilation and submitted them to school officials. Based on the compilation, the students were not only sharing racist pictures and ideas, but also sexist ones as well.

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The worst part was that at least one of them even discussed about bringing knives to school. Suffice to say, that human swastika was probably just one of their plans. However, police investigations have concluded that there are currently no threats to the students of the Junior High School which has a demographic of 60 percent white and around 32 percent Hispanic or Latino kids.

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