Blind Man Experiences Self-Portrait For The First Time Thanks To Tactile Art [Video]

Tactile Art
[Photo credit: Cantor Fine Art]

One blind man’s life was forever changed as he was able to experience his own self-portrait. George Wurtzel discovered the power of tactile art. As he stumbled upon the work of Andrew Myers, a screw artist. The blind artisan and teacher fell in love with the tactile elements of Myers’ work. Myers considered this one of the most inspiring moments of his artistic career.

tactile art
[Photo credit: Cantor Fine Art]

Wurtzel has dedicated his lives to working as a artisan and teacher at Enchanted Hills Camp in Napa. Every summer he works with visually impaired campers and teaches them valuable tools on becoming artisans. With his medium of choice of wood, Wurtzel was intrigued by tactical art.

tactile art
[Photo credit: Cantor Fine Art]

Cantor Fine Art learned about Wurtzel’s love for Myers’ work and wanted to create something special for him. Partnering with Myers, the group was able to surprise George with a tactile portrait of himself. The portrait was the first time Wurtzel was able to feel and recognize himself.

Using more than 4,000 screws, it took Myers about two months to finish the amazing project. Cantor Fine Art packed up the finished piece and brought it to Andrew’s studio. They surprised him by hanging it up and letting him discover it. His reaction was priceless.

Please Touch the Art from Cantor Fine Art on Vimeo.

With stories such as this Wurtzel, one has to wonder why creating artwork that can be touched is so taboo. Around the world, art galleries and museums drill into goers, “DO NOT TOUCH THE ART.” Cantor Fine Art is looking to change that.

The amazing individuals over at Cantor Fine Arts believe that maybe if we could touch the artwork, the world would see art a little differently.

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