Prank Black Friday Offers at Target Are 100% Win

Black Friday

Black Friday — intense, high-pressure, manic, violent shopping. And that’s sometimes just the first few minutes of the mall’s opening hours. However, every now and then, someone comes along and pranks shoppers, and leaves them befuddled and dumbstruck. these pranksters certainly make the world a better place.

Jeff Wysaski, who gives you internet greats such as, Obvious Plant, and the Donald Trump Medical Brochure, is now back with an all-new prank that has us rolling in the department store aisles.

At first glance, the signs on Target announcement boards don’t really look anything out of the ordinary.

Black Friday

That is, until you take a closer look.

Why, yessiree, I’d certainly like to enjoy my TV shows in hi-def rainbow color fidelity in the comfort on my own living room, please.

Black Friday

At least he’s honest about the gifts. Also, make that special quadruped anthro-equine person in your life feel the love.

Black Friday


Magic Mayo! A free party! Angry possums!

Also, give the gift of Air Bud to your friends and loved ones this holiday season. All of them. No exceptions.


Long ago, in a galaxy far, far, far, far, far away (and probably not the one coming to theaters very soon) — don’t you just love alternate-universe merchandise?

Oh, you don’t? Well… It’s close enough to the real thing, so why not?

Also: Oh, poor Chewbbie.


And lo and behold, the Friday special. Falcon rook, protective leather gauntlet, falconeering skills and training, and esteemed manor/estate/laird not included. Possibly each sold separately.


Feel better? We certainly do.

Black Friday shopping can be one of the most intense activities in the entire year, so we wish all you folks out there the best of luck. And remember — be kind, and play nice. No drop-dead deal is ever worth the shoving, the elbowing, and the punching that a nasty temper and a thoughtless word can end with.

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