Bazaart Announces ‘Social Photoshop’ Function, And It Could Be A Game Changer


Our pals at Bazaart have released Bazaart 2.0, and it has a pretty nifty function. Basically, if you can imagine Instagram with easy-to-use Photoshop functions, you’re there.

Bazaart is one of the more interesting indie mom-and-pop Instagram competitors, and with this new function, and they’re obviously hoping to kick their profile up a notch or two. Though the original app has been downloaded 250,000 times and boasts a committed MAU base just over 100,000, Bazaart 2.0 is rebuilt from scratch as a social photo editor for mobile devices.

“We hope that what Instagram did for photography, Bazaart will do for Photoshopping,” Said Gili Golander, Bazaart’s CMO and co-founder.

Though Instagram offers a dozen filters to run your photos through for a little extra flair, Bazaart’s mobile users will enjoy even more photo editing options. It’s easier for me to show than tell what they’re going for:

bazaart iphone 5

“The new Bazaart is a game changer,” says Stas Goferman, co-founder and CEO of Bazaart. “Up until now, people who wanted to get creative with their photos and make elaborate edits could not always accomplish it because it was only possible with expensive professional software like Photoshop. We aim to change that. With the new free Bazaart app people can make anything from photos, whenever they want to, and wherever they are. Our hope is that what Instagram did for photography, Bazaart will do for photoshopping.”

Though this kind of image manipulation might seem daunting, the Bazaart team says that they designed it to be as easy to use as any other photo app while offering more customization options.

“Bazaart users are not professionals or artists, they’re just people who like to be creative and enjoy beautiful images,” Gili continued. “The app is used for a wide variety of purposes, from making funny photos, playful selfies, celebrity collages, to pieces of art, and more.”

Bazaart 2.0 is available at the app store for iPhone and iPad users. You can check out more about the app at Bazaart’s website.

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