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Happy Monday! … Or is it?

It seems that a lot of Tweeps aren’t ready to settle into Work Week Mode, and have made their own bit of fun with a generous helping of passive-aggressive rebellion against organized corporate office structures.

That, or maybe they just really, really dislike team building activities.

Right after #WelcomeBackto1DZayn, there is now #BadTeamBuildingActivities, and the ideas just keep getting worse and worse, and most likely covered by your health insurance. Hide this from your Human Resources manager — or heck, show this to them; maybe it’ll give them a good laugh, too.

Well, this one doesn’t sound too bad… right?

Or this, either… as long as you get to be Tina Turner.

… Nice kitty. Gooood kitty, good kitty don’t bite me oh god please no.

So much awkwardness.

Are you sure that’s even allowed? … Did your ex just come out of…?!

Let the games begin!

And may the odds ever be in your favor.

You’re just going to have to walk it off.

You can practically taste the ennui.

Oh no, that’s okay, I was totally not after that last donut. Delicious, no?

This can only end in tears.

I call this ominous.

This one certainly took the cake.

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