#ArtistsForBelgium Shares Art on Twitter in Tribute to Belgium

Artists are sharing their sympathies and sentiments on Twitter following the Tuesday attacks on Brussels with the hashtag  #ArtistsforBelgium. The attacks rocked both the Brussels airport and a nearby metro station, killing 31 people in the explosions, ad injuring many more.  According to Belgian broadcaster RTBF, who cited the federal prosecutor, the airport explosions were a suicide attack.

Artists stood in solidarity and grief with Belgians through social media in the aftermath of this horrific event. Le Monde, a French magazine, posted this cartoon on their Instagram account by French cartoonist Plantu. The image was also shared on the magazine’s Twitter account, and at the time of writing it’s been retweeted over 9,000 times.

13 novembre – 22 mars. L’hommage de Plantu #Bruxelles #Brussels >> https://bit.ly/1T4VUDq <<

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Belgian colors have also been used in many other works, often speaking of simplicity, solidarity, and compassion during these trying times.

?love & strength to Belgium? #artistsforbelgium

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These three aquarelle-esque bands say so much.

Pray for Peace and for Brussels. #PrayforBrussels #PorteOuverte #artistsforBelgium

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This artist utilized organic thumbprints in this piece, perhaps a sybol of identifying with the sorrows of the Belgian people.

No amount of violence and hatred will ever overcome the explosion of love and compassion.

#PrayForBrussels #ArtistsForBelgium #PrayForTheWorld ♥?❤ ?

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This artist could not say it any clearer: peace is the only way.

Peace is the only way! #artistsforbelgium #peace #nomorewar #nomoretears

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The most prevalent and shared image of all was this paint-spattered outline of a Smurf in the colors of the Belgian flag.

The Smurfs, diminutive bright-blue creatures created by the Belgian cartoonist Peyo, made their worldwide debut in 1950, and has since then became a global sensation. This week, their profile symbolizes an outpouring of love and support for Belgium.



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