Amazing Artist Pigeon Creates Own Perfect Self-Portrait On Leaves

Photo by Newgrounds/daigonite

Here we go again, just when you thought that nature cannot get any more beautiful, along comes the animal kingdom to shock humans. With what you ask? Their very own natural art, something that a lot of humans are struggling with. No, really, how many artists who use no art materials do you know? Zero. Meanwhile, some artist pigeon in a California park creates its own perfect self-portrait with no art materials.

Koda Inman-Ahlstrom and his girlfriend were just enjoying their leisurely stroll in a park near their home in California. Since it was Fall, the ground is littered with leaves from the trees. Then, the two– ahem, lovebirds, discovered something unusual on the ground. One leaf was not like the rest, for it had a perfect self-portrait of a pigeon. Here it is:

Photo by The Dodo/Koda Inman-Ahlstrom

Okay, it’s actually a poop spatter, you know, the ones pigeons are famous for, so much for art. However, one cannot deny that Pigeon Picasso‘s work here was quite photorealistic. Inman-Ahlstrom, the person who discovered the masturdpiece, even looked closely if it was done by human hands due to its inherent attention to detail. But it wasn’t.

“It was crusty and lumpy, like pigeon poop, so it didn’t seem like anyone painted it. It was really there,” said Inman-Ahlstrom. The couple even posted the thing on the internet but some haters thought they Photoshopped it. So Inman-Ahlstrom went back to the park and picked it up again to prove everyone wrong.

Photo by The Dodo/Koda Inman-Ahlstrom

“Like, what does it take for something like this to happen? There were so many things that had to lead up to it. It’s mind-boggling. People suggested we give it to a museum. Someone even offered $1,000 to buy it,” said Inman-Ahlstrom. Unfortunately, since it was indeed, poop, it decomposed and got moldy to the point of being unrecognizable even though Inman-Ahlstrom tried his best to preserve it. Nature giveth, nature taketh away.

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