San Francisco Becomes U.S. Poop Capital After Neighborhood Feces Pile-up; Launches Poop Patrol

san francisco
Photo by YouTube/Alex Brito

A shitty neighborhood is not exactly what one would call the city of San Francisco. The place is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and the San Francisco Bay and it is also a sunny and iconic city. However, it may have literally become a shitty neighborhood after a recent surge in feces on sidewalks. As such, numerous complaints have been raised, quite a stinker indeed.

Because of that, there is now a new title for San Francisco, the “Doo-Doo Capital in the U.S.” Quite a far cry from one of the world’s most beautiful cities, but this was the case based on data compiled by an apartment search service called RealtyHop. According to them, in 2017 alone, San Francisco showed 455.89 poop sightings reported per square mile. That’s more than 55,000 doo-doo sightings in the whole city.

“Unlike what we saw in Chicago and New York, the city center of San Francisco is, sadly, covered by poop, and neighborhoods away from the city center see fewer complaints (except for Golden Gate Park),” as per to RealtyHop. So who’s to blame? Well, it’s neither the poor homes nor the animals, in fact, it seems to reflect more than just a social crisis. There is even a poop map for the city which shows a weird pattern.

san francisco
Photo by RealtyHop

Still, a poop patrol has been established since the problem and its source is indeed, quite bizarre and there seems to be no one demographic cause. One thing that does come to mind is the large number of homeless people in San Francisco, around 7,000. That, along with the lack of shelters and better systems in the city might have been adding up to the poop problem.

Regardless, San Francisco’s feces situation is worse than Chicago or New York and is actually getting worse every year. Hopefully, the city and its poop patrol can do something about the issue before the uhh, shit hits the fan.

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