Apparently There Is Now An Unofficial ‘Jurassic Park’ Holiday And It’s Named ‘July Sixth Park’

Photo by YouTube/Chris and Jack

You would be surprised at how resilient Jurassic Park can get. Just like its featured dinosaurs, the franchise and its fanbase just keep coming back, life finds a way to do this, right Jeff Goldblum?

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Then there are the jokes about Jurassic Park, which unsurprisingly, are also about to become fossilized given how irrepressible they are. Life did find a way and one joke evolved into an unofficial holiday called July Sixth Park. We’ll give you a moment to guess when it is celebrated, it’s a hard guess, take your time, please.

All jokes aside, two guys from YouTube named Chris and Jack actually did initiate a petition to turn the sixth of July into a full-fledged holiday last year. They wanted July 6 to be dedicated solely for Jurassic Park-related stuff such as Jeff Goldblum’s sweaty abs, clever girls, holding on to your butts, and giant dino doo doo. Hopefully, Chris Pratt is not part of that holiday.

Eventually, here we are a year later and July Sixth Park has seemingly survived. This is regardless of whatever happened to the petition. So Chris and Jack asked around three days before July 6 whether people knew about July Sixth Park holiday. A lot of them did not, but that does not mean the two are giving up.

Photo by YouTube/Chris and Jack

They also would like to remind and invite everyone to celebrate July Sixth Park by watching the first Jurassic Park movie, forget about the second and third. While you’re at it, also forget about Jurassic World and the sequel. Seriously, the first one is all you need. Here is the official Reddit domain of the unofficial holiday, enjoy!(?)

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