#APECHotties Get Manila Thirsty

Are these heads of state too sexy for the hashtag #APECHotties? Many Filipinos seem to think so.

Hot on the heels of the #Aldub sensation to sweep the international scene, comes a brand-new hashtag that’s got Manila all hot and bothered.

The 2015 APEC is hosted in Manila, Philippines, and the city has left no detail amiss in its preparation to welcome the international heads of state to grace its shores. Major highways were scrubbed clean, traffic rerouted, and security made water-tight.

However, no one could have been prepared awe-inspiring presences of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto.

Congratulations on your faces, dear world leaders. You’ve now made more people harbor more than a passing fancy for the APEC.

Translation: “My body is ready for the #APECHotties.”

Welcome, indeed!

Oh, be still, my heart.

Manila was torn in twain: would it be #CanadianBae, or #MexicanPapi?

Certainly seems Trudeau’s even got the local politicos under his spell.

and then you have Señor Nieto’s faint-inducing Wink of Glory.

Mom! Get yourself together!

Other people weren’t feeling the buzz.

On the other hand, people were also quick to defend the hashtag as something done all in good fun. Maybe that rebuttal was a bit too harsh.

(Translation: People who dislike the #APEChotties side news, on a scale of 1 to “suicide is the best option”, just how sad is your life?)

Instructors found new motivations to get their students really involved in APEC.

The hashtag’s even gone and poked wry fun at one of the Philippines’ most recent controversial scandals.

(Translation: Thank you @JustinTrudeau and @EPN. Thanks to you, there’s no more Laglag Bala at NAIA. Just falling panties.)

Let’s just hope these world leaders, be they blessed with good looks, keen wit, and other gifts, make change possible in the world. It just helps that they’re so darn cute.


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