You Can Thank Pinterest For These Awesome Thanksgiving Ideas

Are you ready for Thanksgiving? You’ve dusted off that old cornucopia, you’ve defrosted a turkey and you’ve set out the good china. You may think you have prepared for the perfect day of gathering with family, friends and food, but leave it to Pinterest to show us all the clever things we should of done. Pinterest has some great ideas for adding some pizazz to a traditional Thanksgiving or complete shake up the holiday.

Before you don your table with those cheesy paper turkeys or pilgrim hats, take a look at some of these simple, yet adorable DIY projects, such as spray painted leaves or painted pumpkins.

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Apparently, gold and copper are the must-have colors for the season, so make sure to grab some copper flatware for your get together.

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From simple to extravagant, your tablescape will set the tone for the meal.

Now, I won’t even dare to suggest changing your traditional menu. IF your family has their traditions, keep them. Believe me, it isn’t worth the fit Aunt Jane will throw. Now, if you come from a adventurous clan, by all means shoot for the moon. And by shoot, I mean make cranberry sauce and by moon, I mean this cabernet cranberry and blueberry sauce recipe.

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After the main meal, it’s time for everyone’s favorite part: dessert. Move over pies. When it comes to dessert, we know everyone helps themselves to some traditional favorites, such as pumpkin pie. There are some great recipes with a creative twist on the classics, such as pumpkin cheesecake dip (served in a real pumpkin, of course). Not only is the recipe gluten-free (for your cousin with all the allergies), but also absolutely delicious.

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No holiday dinner is complete without a nice cocktail to finish the evening. As you slowly slip into a turkey coma, sip on a drink that screams Happy Thanksgiving! I suggest a nice cup (don’t forget copper!) of this Honeycrisp Apple Sangria. A mixture of red wine, brandy, cinnamon, apple cider, citrus and apples.

Don’t forget the kiddos. Remember your days at the boring kids table? Make sure to make it fun for your littlest guests. Use butcher paper as a tablecloth and provide crayons or markers to allow budding artists to pass the time. Make sure the decorations are fun, like using ice cream cones to make cornucopias. Just take a normal waffle cone, dip the pointed end in water to make it easy to move. Wrap it around a pencil and allow it to dry. Once the cone has dried, you can fill the cone with any kind of treat you want!

Of course, you will need to entertain the children for more than just mealtime. While the adults partake in the sangria, enjoy the football game or sleep off the turkey, set up some crafts for the kids to make.

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Save up those empty toilet paper rolls, add in some construction paper and glue and the little ones can create their very own turkeys! Cheesy, but effective. Great for when you want a little quiet time and we promise, you are going to want a little quiet time…

We could go on and on about the ways Pinterest can completely revamp the holidays, but we’ll just let Pinterest speak for itself because everyone needs these cupcakes in their life.

[Photo credit: Pinterest]
[Photo credit: Pinterest]

Happy Thanksgiving!

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