‘Angry White Male’ Course Offered By US College Angers White Males Online

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College is an awesome place and is usually where new and radical ideas are being born each generation. Of course, not all ideas are perfect, and one college in the US has caused quite a commotion online when they started offering an “Angry White Male” course, which, in turn, has actually angered many white males on Twitter.


The University of Kansas was the college in question and they started offering an odd course called “Angry White Male Studies.” Apparently, it puts the “angry white male” stereotype under a magnifying glass, particularly in the US and UK populations. Apart from the history of such a stereotype, the course also offers a deeper look into how it came to be.


As such, the course will be examining “manifestations of male anger” in the modern age starting from the 1950s. Additionally, the Angry White Male Studies will take a look into how modern rights-based movements, particularly from women, LGBTQ communities, and racial minorities, are affecting white male masculinity.


As expected, the course offering angered the white male denizens of Twitter, where they manifested that angered by voicing out their woes both constructively and destructively:

Now, here’s the plot twist, the Angry White Male course is to be taught by a professor named Christopher Forth, who is himself is a white male. Forth’s race and heritage did raise some concerns too as he is also the one who authored the course. He ought to just rename it “Make yourself feel guilty” course and make it unisex.

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