Asian ‘Police Officer’ Shouts ‘White Power’ In Black Lives Matter Los Angeles Rally

Photo by Facebook/Black Lives Matter - Los Angeles

Joking about racism just to spite a group of people you hate is never a good thing. Even if it is not serious. Racism is no laughing matter and there is no better time than today to try and make ourselves better human beings. That’s not the case for one alleged Asian police officer in the US, however, as the man kept yelling “white power” in a Black Lives Matter protest.


The incident happened in Los Angeles, California, US during one initially peaceful demonstration by Black Lives Matter Los Angeles (BLMLA). The protest was about Albert Ramon Dorsey, a black man who was killed by police in a Hollywood 24 Hour Fitness gym. It was actually Dorsey’s birthday and he would have been 31 on Thursday.


Suddenly, Dorsey’s protesting family and everyone else in the rally was disturbed by a man of Asian descent wearing an LAPD sweater. The alleged police officer came up to Dorsey’s family repeatedly shouting “white power” and making hand signs. The whole thing was also caught on video:

BLMLA also included the caption, “This off-duty LAPD officer was working out there this morning and decided to harass us after his workout. The dozen or so on-duty officers that had been called in by 24 held to the blue line and watched as this cop tried to intimidate us. This is what 24-Hour Fitness policies protect as they engage police to murder our people. This is what LAPD practice and condones.”


The racist “police officer” immediately fled on foot afterwards. However, the video was uploaded and has since gone viral. Hence, it caught the attention of LAPD HQ and they claimed to be investigating the matter at the moment. So far, he has not been identified yet nor were there any confirmations on whether the man really was a police officer.

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