Amazing High-Res Photo Clearly Shows Every Fan at Patriots Game

An amazing high-resolution image reveals the New England Patriots’ Gillette Stadium in astonishing detail. 

Fans of the New England Patriots have been immortalized in a “Fancam”, a composite of hundreds of images which create the illusion of one super high-definition picture. See it for yourself below:

Click on this image to view the Gillette Stadium fancam.
Click on this image to view the Gillette Stadium fancam.

Wondering how this amazing image was created? Fancam’s official website has this mind-blowing explanation:

“Each Fancam is a composite image created by digitally stitching 100′s of individual high-resolution pictures together. The composite image resolution is typically around 20 gigapixels, depending on the venue and type of shoot.20 gigapixels is equal to 20 000 megapixels. To put it in perspective, that’s 4000 times bigger than a picture taken with an average smart phone.If a Fancam is projected on an array of HD televisions, one would require a stack of 30 stories high and 2 football fields long.The bottomline: it’s big enough to identify each and every person in a 90 000 strong stadium crowd.”

The nature of an image composite means there will be a few errors. Reddit users hilariously pointed out a few of them this morning:

The process of editing all the images together is painstaking:

“The source images are uploaded from the photography venue, via our secure servers, to our production office in Cape Town where our production team awaits their arrival.Equipped with extremely powerful custom-built computers, the team diligently stitches the source images together and make sure each and every fan is presented in the best possible way.The end result is a massive image file – literally too big to open on a laptop, let alone view over an internet connection.To make the content accessible the image is ’tiled’ – a process of dividing the image into 60 000 smaller images and arranging them in such a way that they represent different possible zoom levels for each point in the large image. Much like the technology used in digital mapping services like Google Maps, each Fancam has a layered approach to data that allows users to zoom into any part of this massive image without having to download large chunks of data.After the tiles have been created, they are uploaded to our secure servers and fans can start zooming, tagging and sharing the content.”

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