Absurd Things Trump’s Administration Has Said About Immigrants That Were Lies

Trump Lies About Immigrants

Donald Trump’s administration has proven time and time again that their constant drive for a border wall is racially motivated. They don’t care enough about the effects illegal immigrants have on our country to even provide us with accurate facts. As long as they can entertain the white supremacist voters until the 2020 election, then they still have a shot at a win. These are some of the most absurd lies the Trump administration has said about immigrants.

1. Illegal Immigration Costs $250 Billion

Trump Lies About Immigrants

In an attempt to persuade Democrats to get on board with his ridiculous border wall, Trump made a claim that “our Country losses 250 billion dollars a year on illegal immigration, not including the terrible drug flow.” He then went on to say that a wall that costs $25 billion would pay for itself in two months, which is both a lie and mathematically incorrect.

Even if illegal immigration did cost our country $250 billion (which there are no reports claiming it costs even half that much), building a wall would continue to require maintenance and border security staff. It also wouldn’t magically eliminate all of the illegal immigrants currently in the country who are costing taxpayers money.

2. Immigrants Are Causing Security Issues At The Border

Trump Lies About Immigrants

One of Trump’s biggest arguments for a border wall is his claims that illegal immigrants bring crime to America. In additional to him calling them murderers and rapists, he has also claimed that there “is a growing humanitarian and security crisis at our southern border.”

However, apprehensions at the southern border have actually decreased more than 75 percent since 2000 and those who are coming into the United States illegally are seeking asylum. They’re hardly these big criminals Trump and his administration would like us all to believe they are.

3. Immigrants Are All Terrorists

Trump Lies About Immigrants

The Trump administration rarely misses an opportunity to lie to Americans about how all of the immigrants coming into our country illegally are terrorists. Both Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen have made false claims about the number of suspected terrorists who’ve been detained at our borders. Sanders claimed that 4,000 foreigners “came across our southern border” and were detained by Homeland Security for being known or suspected terrorists.

Nielsen had slightly different numbers saying 3,000 suspected terrorists and 17,000 criminals were detained at the Mexican border. It seems that these numbers include suspected terrorists detained all over the country, not specifically from Mexico as they said. In fact, most of them were detained at airports and weren’t even traveling by land. These numbers also don’t take into account those who were detained for sharing the same name as a known terrorist and eventually released.

4. Immigrants Bring Drugs To The U.S.

Trump Lies About Immigrants

According to Trump, “Our southern border is a pipeline for vast quantities of illegal drugs including meth, heroin, cocaine, and fentanyl.” He really likes to make things up, doesn’t he? According to the Justice Department’s Drug Enforcement Administration, drugs actually get into our country through legal ports of entry such as on boats, planes, and even in the mail.

Obviously, Trump’s border wall would do absolutely nothing to prevent drugs from getting into the country. If that were really his goal, he would be pushing for better scanning equipment at these ports so that drugs are less likely to get through. However, that wouldn’t serve his racist audience as he promised.

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