At The U.S. Border What REALLY Happens To Immigrants


Immigration is an implausibly red-hot issue. Though, there’s much ignorance about what truly occurs when immigrants get to the border.

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When immigrants arrive at the U.S. border crossing, they may find themselves waiting for days to get processed if they’re lucky, and waiting for WEEKS if they are not.

They sleep on thin mattresses, outdoors with (or without) a blanket, until their name gets called. The wait time, is utterly preposterous. Additionally, it’s not untypical for border agents to abruptly just say they are “full” and force the asylum searchers to leave.

In turn, that leads a lot of individuals to cut in line. If you cross anywhere else but a border station, than you have entered illegally. Immigrants will arrive at a legal crossing, hear how long the wait time is, then illegally cross essentially just yards away and go seeking a Border Patrol agent to be detained. That way, they get shelter and food faster!

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Now, that’s simply what the adults endure – children, have their own procedure(s). Kids are sent to a shelter temporarily, while the gov’t sorts out what to do with them.

In some instances, parents will plead guilty and agree to depart the country just to get their children back, so their adversity is over rapidly. It takes longer other times, with the normal wait being about thirty days. Best-case scenario, is the little ones are discharged to relatives already in the country.

If that isn’t feasible, they would enter the foster care system (most likely); and, siblings are not kept together necessarily. Children too have trials, and aren’t guaranteed attorneys. Instead, the gov’t sends reps to the detention centers to explain the legal process to the kids beforehand.


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