9 Tweets About The Kavanaugh FBI Investigation That Will Blow Your Mind

Kavanaugh FBI Investigation

Half of the country is in an uproar while the other half is laughing at the silly liberals who got upset over a few rape allegations. Women are devastated as another accused rapist has managed to climb the political ladder, proving just how far men will go to silence women. Brett Kavanaugh’s tear-soaked testimony and five day FBI investigation has left a stain on our country’s history, leaving many people feeling powerless wondering how the hell we fell so far down the rabbit hole. The other half is out celebrating the fact that a man managed to get away with rape and assault and snag a job that pays millions after a pathetic interview that wouldn’t have gotten anyone else a job at McDonald’s. But that’s rape culture for you! Here are just a few tweets about the Kavanaugh FBI investigation that will blow your mind.

1. Councilman Offers Disturbing Advice

While it’s no surprise that conservatives are making moves toward eliminating abortion rights, this West Virginia Council member went too far. Eric Barber, who is currently facing charges for disorderly conduct after he tried to take pictures of a victim while they were being medically treated in an emergency, is hardly an upstanding member of the community. After the #KavanaughVote he wrote, “Better get you’re coathangers ready liberals.” First of all, it’s Y-O-U-R. Second, what kind of person thinks this is appropriate? Liberal women aren’t running around having casual sex all willy-nilly without birth control because abortion rights exist. Who do you think we are? Men? If this comment angers you, sign this petition created by locals to get rid of him.

2. Susan Collins’ Double Standards

It wasn’t so long ago that Senator Susan Collins spoke out against Senator Al Franken after being accused of sexual assault by 7 or so women. Franken soon resigned, and women around the country praised Collins for speaking up. It would seem that less than a year later, her opinions have changed as she voted to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Apparently, Collins decided that while she believes Christine Blasey Ford was assaulted, she doesn’t believe it was Kavanaugh who did it. Okay, what about the other women who came forward? What about them Susan? It would seem that when a man leaves behind seven or more victims, he’s garbage, but just three means he’s still suitable to sit on the Supreme Court.

3. There’s Still Hope

While women everywhere are feeling defeated and powerless, men like this are standing up for us. Kavanaugh might not be intelligent enough to understand the rape culture we live in, but this guy certainly does and explains it quite eloquently. Women aren’t on a witch hunt. In most cases, we understand that society has taught boys from a young age that it’s okay to grab women and to get laid by all means possible. But while these boys grow into men and move on with their lives, the girls they crossed paths with are left to deal with the trauma they caused for the rest of their lives. We just want these boys to be taught something else so that more girls are able to make their mark on the world without having to struggle with the trauma that comes along with these kinds of memories.

4. Republicans Are Jumping Ship


It would seem that this recent Kavanaugh debacle has inspired many Republicans to switch teams, especially women. The Democratic Party is certainly taking advantage of the public’s anger, hoping it will encourage more people to go to the polls and lead to change after the midterm elections. This, of course, has led many to wonder if these women accusing Kavanaugh of sexual assault were dug up and encouraged to speak up by Democrats, perhaps by providing them with an incentive in the form of cash money. If this were the case, Collins’ decision to confirm Kavanaugh might have been a strategic move to piss off Democrats right before the midterm elections and get more votes. Whether it was all organized or not, it certainly got the job done.

5. The White House Couldn’t Be Happier

While I couldn’t find the exact article quoted in this tweet, I did find a statement made by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell where he said:

“They managed to deliver the only thing we had not been able to figure out how to do, which is to get our folks fired up. The other side is obviously fired up, they have been all year.”

McConnell, who grotesquely labeled Kavanaugh a “superstar” seems to think that not only has the FBI investigation and Kavanaugh vote angered Liberals and Democrats, but also those on the other side of the spectrum. Needless to say, these midterm elections might have one of the biggest voter turnouts in history.

6. Size Matters To Trump


From his hands to his rallies, everything Trump refers to needs to “YUUGHHE,” unless of course, he’s referring to a group of people who are speaking out against any of his decisions. From mocking Ford to accusing Capitol Hill protestors of being paid actors, Trump has seriously stooped to a whole new low. He even said that most of these people are just onlookers, not participants. I mean, I didn’t sit and count the people, but this video shows that there were certainly more than 200 people that showed up. Belittling their efforts isn’t going to make them go away.

7. Ford Can’t Go Home

While Republicans are concerned with Kavanaugh’s reputation being ruined, Ford is receiving death threats and had to abandon her home. Imagine having to relive a traumatic event in front of the entire world just to be mocked, bullied, and afraid to live in your own house. Let me allow the king of horror, Stephen King, to explain.

8. Words Of Wisdom From Stephen King

When it comes to Kavanaugh’s trial, the chance that someone’s lying is pretty high. Even if Kavanaugh doesn’t remember assaulting Ford, there’s not enough booze in the world to forget what a POS human being he was in his youth. On the other hand, there isn’t enough booze to ALLOW Ford to forget what happened to her, so it’s kind of common sense. Ford lost everything by telling the truth. Why risk that for a lie?

9. Vote Them Out

If you’re pissed off about the Kavanaugh vote, do something about it! Join protests and marches. Write letters and make phone calls. But most importantly, go out and vote next month! Check out the full image below:

Kavanaugh FBI Investigation

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