Watch Out Husbands, Smart Mirror With Sexy Anime Voice Out To Give Compliments To Ladies

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Photo by YouTube/Novera inc.

No matter how strong or successful a relationship is, there will always come a time when the sparks will fizzle out. It’s inevitable, people just get over the honeymoon phase. During that time, the significant other might start going their own way, ignoring you even. Missing all those “heyyy guurl” compliments is understandable, so the Japanese (yes, them again) invented a smart mirror that would compliment you when your bae is too busy with FIFA or Call of Duty.

A Japanese company Novera was responsible for these so-called smart mirrors. Take note, they are actually a lot more advanced than you think since they are equipped with a monitor, camera, and speaker. It will then scan the face of the user in order to come up with the perfect compliment. Apparently, it can also gauge the user’s mood and it can also recommend makeup styles. Meaning it can tell when you are sad. Here’s the demo video:

Unfortunately, it only comes in a Japanese male voice– albeit a sexy one, though not quite Gosling. Still, it might be enough to replace men as conversational companions, especially since it can even encourage the users to smile and be happy whenever they are frowning. It is worth noting that the mirror’s current male voice actor is Yuki Kaji from “Attack on Titan.” However, more voice actors will soon be available for additional options.

At the moment, non-Japanese men have no need to panic since there is no Ben Affleck or Ryan Gosling version of the smart mirror yet. Pricing is also yet to be announced. The company also did not specify whether it can be used to kill a girl next door with snow-white skin that your husband or boyfriend regards as the fairest of them all.

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