8 Year Old Boy Accidentally Given Topless Poster at Charity Event

An 8-year old Australian boy was accidentally given a very adult prize at a charity event.

0001hen the Logan family attended the Bargara Strawberry Fair in Bundaberg, Australia, their son Bailey bought himself a lucky dip (grab bag) prize and was ecstatic when he opened the bag and saw a copy of the motorcycle magazine Live to Ride, complete with 45 posters.

But when his mother, Sarah Logan, flipped through the magazine, she came across a centerfold of naked women posing on motorcycles.

“In all fairness it was pretty funny,” she said. “There were nice little old ladies doing the lucky dip for charity and they must not have flipped all the way through the magazine.”

Logan says her son initially didn’t understand why he wasn’t getting that particular poster, so she let him have a peek before pulling it out and giving him back the magazine.

“It was only showing her topless and he wanted to know why he wasn’t getting it,” she said. “He said, ‘Ew’ when he saw it.”

Give it a few years, kid.

The June 2010 edition of Live to Ride magazine.
The June 2010 edition of Live to Ride magazine.

Beth Scott, the event’s organizer, said she was glad the family wasn’t offended, and noted nothing like this has happened in the four years the fair has been running.

“I am extremely shocked and sorry a child would have received that,” she said. “We have a lot of things donated, and in the future we will be sure this doesn’t happen again.”

Mrs. Logan posted a photo of the topless poster on her Facebook wall. While a few commenters criticized the fair organizers for not catching the mistake, most of them shared in Logan’s amusement.

“One person said we should name and shame them for it, but to be honest it seems like a simple mistake,” Logan said. “If it was full-on hardcore then that would have been different, but I thought it was hilarious.”

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