Kim Kardashian Goes To ‘Ridgemont High,’ Posts Sexy Bikini Video On Instagram

fast times at ridgemont high

Did you know that Kim Kardashian was a graduate of Ridgemont High? The reality star posted a new video to Instagram today and it looks like she took a few cues from Phoebe Cates.

Kim shared the video with the caption “coming soon” but she didn’t unveil any other information. And you know what the internet likes to do when no information is available…. yep, speculate.

So what do you think is “coming soon.” Is Kim Kardashian working on a music video? A remake of Fast Times At Ridgemont High? A new Christmas card?

My guess is that Kim and her sisters are about to release a bikini line. It’s finally warming up, the snow is melting away, and Kim has been posting bikini photo after bikini photo on her Instagram account.

If it isn’t a bikini line, well, who else is hoping that the Kardashian’s release another ridiculous music video? Oh, did you forget about the first Kardashian family video?

We don’t know what Kim Kardashian’s next project is yet but let’s hope it’s not another magazine cover. Her last one, the one with Vogue, sparked a little bit of a backlash.

Dan Evon

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