8 Videos Of People Who Think It’s Okay To Be Racist Because Trump Is

Racist Trump supporters

Trump supporters think that it’s suddenly okay to be racist just because our president has voiced his own racist opinions. Before Donald Trump was in the White House, people would at least have the courtesy to keep their racism behind closed doors. At least for the most part. These days, however, we can’t go a week without a new video going viral depicting some ignorant white person spewing discriminatory hate at someone simply for existing. Here are a few videos of people who think it’s okay to be racist because the moron leading our country is.

“Pool Patrol Paula” AKA Stephanie Sebby-Strempel


At a public pool in South Carolina, Stephanie Sebby-Strempel who is now referred to as #PoolPatrolPaula made herself famous by taking it upon herself to kick out a black teenage boy. For no apparent reason, she verbally and physically attacked this boy while demanding that he leave. The teenager was there with a friend, and the two managed to catch part of the altercation on video. Witnesses said that Stephanie used racial slurs while hitting the boy in the chest and face. Later when she was arrested, she assaulted the police officers and bit one in the arm so hard that she broke the skin. Racist and a nut job. She lost her job as a salesperson for Rodan + Fields soon after.

“Permit Patty” AKA Alison Ettel

Alison Ettel, AKA #PermitPatty, had the nerve to call the police on an eight-year-old child for selling bottles of water on a sidewalk in San Francisco without a permit. The child was black, which quickly made this a race issue. Even the 911 operator who took her call could be heard wondering what this woman was thinking. What makes this situation so ironic is that Ettel was the CEO of a marijuana company that sells cannabis-infused medical products, which wasn’t even legal when she was this little girl’s age. Due to this incident, she was of course fired from her position.

“Pool Patrol Peter” AKA Adam Bloom

Whether you refer to him as #PoolPatrolPeter or #PoolPatrolPaula’s other half, Adam Bloom decided to use his white privilege combined with his title as chairman of the community public pool in Winston-Salem, North Carolina to attempt to force a black woman who was at the pool with her child to show her resident ID. Now, the pool requires a keycard to enter, so any normal person would assume that if she was able to get inside the pool gates, that she was a resident. But not Mr. Bloom. He decided to call the police on her and force her to prove her residency. After it was all settled, he offered no apology to the woman and has since blamed his actions on another resident at the pool. Bloom has since lost his job and claims to regret his actions from that day.

“BBQ Becky” AKA Jennifer Schulte

Jennifer Schulte, who is better known as BBQ Becky, threw a fit when she saw that a group of black people had the nerve to BBQ in her park. That’s right. Apparently, this woman thought she owned the Oakland park and proceeded to tell these people that they were going to jail for not following the park’s no BBQing rules. A rule that everyone in the area knows isn’t strictly followed. Some of her interaction with the group was caught on camera, but police records indicate that she was on the phone with them for nearly three hours. What an absolute waste of their time and taxpayers money! It was clear that the whole thing was provoked by them being black as she dropped the N-word numerous times. She was such a nutjob that the police actually held her for an involuntary psych evaluation.

“Welfare Will” AKA Aaron Schlossberg

It would seem that Aaron Schlossberg, who I’ve nicknamed #WelfareWill, was new to New York City when he went on this racist rant. He heard some of the restaurant employees speaking Spanish and flipped a lid, because apparently where he came from everyone spoke English. Well, that’s not the case in New York. He even had the nerve to assume the employees were undocumented immigrants and that they were all on welfare being funded specifically by him. This guy probably had ICE on speed dial the way he was talking. Not only was he fired from the law office he worked in, but a Congressman filed a formal complaint to the state court system’s disciplinary committee. To top it off, he has been chased around the city by the media and the public decided to throw a fiesta outside of his apartment building to demonstrate just how diverse New York City is.

“Darth Becky”

Even though #DarthBecky has yet to be identified, it’s only a matter of time as this video continues to make its rounds on the internet. Esteban Guzman was working a landscaping job with his mother in California when this woman started telling them to go back to Mexico. When Guzman calmly confronts her, the woman calls him a rapist, an animal, and a drug dealer. She even gives credit to Trump for all of her racist accusations, which is quite laughable.

“Islamaphobic Ian”

This unidentified California man I’ve labeled #IslamaphobicIan went on a rant in a coffee shop upon seeing a Muslim woman inside the cafe, likely minding her own business. She bravely stands up for herself asking the man if he understood that she was Muslim and if he was afraid of her. The man stated he doesn’t like Muslims because they try to kill him. In fact, he tells the girl that she’s trying to kill him. Ultimately, the baristas refused to serve the man, and after another customer confronted him, he left.

“Islamaphobic Ireene”

Probably related to #IslamaphobicIan, #IslamaphobicIreene chose a strange way to strike up a conversation with another woman standing on line at a Trader Joes. The woman taking the video confronted Islamaphobic Ireene after hearing her make anti-muslim comments about a third woman in the store. She made sure to let the woman behind her phone that Obama was no longer in office. So, that means it’s okay to be a disgusting twat spewing anti-muslim hate randomly while standing on line at a grocery store? Perhaps Islamaphobic Ireene should join BBQ Becky for a psych evaluation.


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