15 Content Marketing Influencers to Follow on Twitter

As much as just about everyone has diversified in their social media efforts over the course of these last few years, Twitter continues to be one of the top sources of information. This is especially true when you want to keep up with the latest trends and hottest up-to-the-minute news stories. It’s immediate, it’s authentic and it’s connected. The very nature of Internet marketing, including content marketing, is very much in line with this breakneck pace and you’ll want to follow the right people if you want to stay as current as possible.

At the same time, Twitter is also one of the best platforms for getting in touch with celebrities, YouTube stars, marketing experts and of course, influencers within any industry. Twitter is usually my platform of choice for getting in touch with many big names in the online marketing space, while also grabbing their attention when promoting each of them through expert round up posts or online interviews. Not only does it grab their attention, it also makes the process of continued social sharing even easier.

Speaking of which… here are 15 of the most influential figures in the content marketing sphere that you should be following on Twitter, presented in no particular order.

1. Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee)

Twitter: https://twitter.com/garyvee
Website: https://ask.garyvaynerchuk.com/

Some people might know Gary Vaynerchuk best as “that wine guy,” but Gary better describes himself by saying he “day trades attention and builds businesses.” That’s really at the core of what “Gary Vee” is all about, because he has developed an incredible knack for grabbing people’s attention with exceptional content all across the web. Through his tenacious work ethic and business acumen, he grew his family wine business from a $3 million operation to one that is worth $60 million in a mere five years.

2. Neil Patel (@neilpatel)


Twitter: https://twitter.com/neilpatel
Website: https://neilpatel.com/

Want to know how you can take your online business to the next level and start making some real money on the Internet? Neil Patel is one of the best-known Internet entrepreneurs out there, offering tremendous advice on search engine optimization, creating incredible content, and analyzing data to maximize your profitability. Having worked with such massive brands as Facebook and eBay, Neil Patel has proven time and time again that he has the winning formula for success.

3. Seth Godin (@thisissethsblog)


Twitter: https://twitter.com/thisissethsblog
Website: https://sethgodin.typepad.com/

If you didn’t know who Seth Godin is, it would be very easy to dismiss his blog as being amateur-ish. It’s on a Typepad subdomain and is remarkably Spartan in design. But that’s the point. The real value is in the incredible content that he posts on that blog. He’s a best-selling author, having written some 18 books that have since been translated into 35 different languages, encouraging his readers to “go make something happen.” In his book Tribes, he explores leadership and how tribes can help you achieve your goals.

4. Jay Baer (@jaybaer)


Twitter: https://twitter.com/jaybaer
Website: https://www.jaybaer.com/

For over twenty years now, Jay Baer has worked in the online marketing industry. He’s seen the rise and fall of the dot-com bubble and he’s done far better that survive its crash; he’s thrived. The founder of five companies, Baer is very well-versed in all matters related to web strategy, email marketing, online advertising and search engine marketing, working with such powerful brands as Nike, Sony, and Caterpillar. He has also delivered hundreds of presentations, inspiring others to do better with marketing and customer service.

5. Sujan Patel (@sujanpatel)


Twitter: https://twitter.com/sujanpatel
Website: https://sujanpatel.com/

Featured in such publications as the Wall Street Journal, Forbes and Fast Company, Sujan Patel offers incredible insights in growth marketing, having helped such companies as Zillow, LinkedIn, KitchenAid and SalesForce. Co-founder of Web Profits, Sujan describes himself as a hustler who has always “had an entrepreneurial spirit.” Tackling all forms of digital marketing, Sujan works with companies to better scale their businesses. He’s also a very prolific writer, blogging for several sites on subjects related to Internet business and pushing the limits.

6. Bonnie Sainsbury (@bsainsbury)


Twitter: https://twitter.com/bsainsbury
Website: https://socialmediasmarter.com/

Digital marketing can be an incredibly confusing, frustrating and overwhelming topic at the best of times. If you want to get your business, product or service in front of the right audience in the most effective manner possible, you should give Bonnie a ring. She specializes especially in social media marketing strategy, but is also very well-versed in email marketing and podcasts too. Bonnie has also been named on several lists as one of the most influential figures in social media.

7. Amy Porterfield (@amyporterfield)


Twitter: https://twitter.com/amyporterfield
Website: https://www.amyporterfield.com/

Amy Porterfield doesn’t waste any time or beat around the bush with her Twitter bio. She gets straight to the point, telling us that she will “show you exactly how to monetize your online marketing efforts and grow your social media fan base.” Amy may be best known as the co-author of the Facebook for Dummies book, demystifying how to leverage that social media for maximum benefit and profitability. From there, she has hosted webinars on how to get real results from social media. She’s very sales and marketing oriented, which is exactly what you need to succeed online.

8. Kristi Hines (@kikolani)


Twitter: https://twitter.com/kristihines
Website: https://kikolani.com/

Looking for killer content that will convert browsers into subscribers and leads into customers? Kristi Hines is a freelance writer who prides herself in developing “high-quality blog posts, e-books, lead magnets and more.” A certified digital marketer, Kristi is the founder of Kikolani, an online resource for marketing strategies especially as they relate to blog marketing. You may have seen Kristi’s work on CrazyEgg, Moz, Search Engine Journal, Hubspot and more.

9. Brian Clark (@brianclark)


Twitter: https://twitter.com/brianclark
Website: https://rainmakerdigital.com/

Perhaps known best as the brilliant mind behind Copyblogger, Brian Clark is the preeminent source on developing incredible copy that really works, especially in the context of blogging. He was able to take Copyblogger to multi-million dollar annual revenue without advertising. Brian is a pioneer in the space and he continues to innovate through his company Rainmaker Digital. They provide tools and training for content marketing professionals and entrepreneurs on the Internet. He also works closely with freelancers and consultants.

10. John Rampton (@johnrampton)


Twitter: https://twitter.com/johnrampton
Website: https://www.johnrampton.com/

If you’ve ever read such notable sites as Mashable, Forbes, and TechCrunch, there’s a good chance that you already have some familiarity with John Rampton. He has gained a positively gigantic following online because he speaks from experience and has found innumerable successes online. In fact, he was named as one of the top 50 online marketing influencers by Entrepreneur Magazine. These days, he’s keeping busy with Due, an Internet startup that makes it easy to get paid online.

11. Renee Blodgett (@magicsaucemedia)


Twitter: https://twitter.com/magicsaucemedia
Website: https://magicsaucemedia.com/

In just about every industry vertical, there is always talk of finding the “secret sauce” for success. Renee Blodgett isn’t looking for a secret, because she’s the founder behind Magic Sauce Media. She works with a variety of companies and entrepreneurs to elevate their branding, marketing, PR and social media efforts. One of the greatest challenges that any content creator will face on the Internet is that of visibility and discoverability. Renee brings over 20 years of experience to help your content go viral with a global audience.

12. Murray Newlands (@murraynewlands)


Twitter: https://twitter.com/murraynewlands
Website: https://murraynewlands.com/

With over one million followers on Twitter, Murray Newlands is an established expert on everything to do with making money online. You’ll find him talking about everything from growth strategies to influencer marketing to content marketing, helping startups take their business to the next level. His background is in law, but he struck out with his own creative marketing and public relations agency when he was 23 years old. Like many of the other people on this list, Murray is an entrepreneur and professional speaker. He also co-founded Due with John Rampton.

13. Pam Moore (@pammktgnut)


Twitter: https://twitter.com/pammktgnut
Website: https://www.pammarketingnut.com/

CEO and founder of digital marketing agency Marketing Nutz, Pam Moore takes a comprehensive approach to digital marketing to deliver real results for her clients. This encompasses everything from influencer marketing to content marketing. Having been featured on Fox News, Huffington Post and Inc., Pam is also a highly sought-after keynote speaker and consultant. It’s about having the right brand strategy to go with the right content marketing plan, optimizing for conversions and profit.

14. Jeff Bullas (@jeffbullas)


Twitter: https://twitter.com/jeffbullas
Website: https://www.jeffbullas.com/

A top content marketing specialist and successful entrepreneur, Jeff Bullas has worked with businesses and personal brands alike to optimize their marketing efforts. He understands the importance of a carefully crafted message, promoted in the right kind of way. He was named as the number one content marketing influencer two years straight by Onalytica. He’s also been published in the New York Times, featured as the top business blogger by Bizhumm, and ranked as the #7 top social media influencer by StatSocial. Jeff is a speaker, published author, and a consultant.

15. David Armano (@armano)


Twitter: https://twitter.com/armano
Website: https://darmano.typepad.com/

While blogging is one of the biggest examples of content marketing that immediately comes to mind, it is not the only form. And even though David Armano is an avid blogger who discusses how to build “responsive and resilient brands in a connected world,” he is also very accomplished as a data visualist. In fact, David refers to himself as a “visual thinker” and a “whiteboard ninja.” These skills are all invaluable in his role as Global Strategy Director with Edelman, a prominent public relations firm that represents such names as Starbucks, Microsoft and Pfizer. Armano is about building brands and content marketing, in all its forms, is a very important component of that.

If you enjoyed this post, don’t miss my recent expert blog post where I ask 80+ online marketing and social media experts how to start a successful blog. Now that you’ve had a chance to run through a list of some of my favorite social media influencers, feel free to leave a few of your own in the comments section below.


Zac Johnson is an entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in the world of online marketing and branding. Follow his journey at Blogging.org and ZacJohnson.com.


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