Insult On a Coffee Cup is a Whoddunit Case


Insults come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. We can even laugh about them  when delivered the right way on Comedy Night. However, one Starbucks customer was not feeling the insult that came free with their Grande-sized cup of white mocha.

This order upset a customer from St. Augustine, FL so much that its picture made the rounds on Twitter.

“Diabetes, Here I Come.” Oy. We can’t help but wonder, what exactly went into that cup? More importantly, wh the heck would ever try pulling off this sort of sick joke?

The customer did have good reason to feel upset, as both his sisters have Type 1 Diabetes. Not cool, joker, not cool. Someone clearly crossed that line.

Who could have created such an insult? some Twitter users are saying that it was the barista who keyed in that nasty remark. If so, some one might be put on the rack to lose their job. And then there are some who are also more mobile-app savvy, and say it was the customer who keyed that in for his 15 seconds of internet fame.

According to Action News Jax, the customer works nearby the Palencia Starbucks, and a fellow employer picks up the orders.

So, who did it? If we rule out the barista, as well as the customer, it’s quite possible the customer’s co-worker who punched in the orders on the app took this one joke way too far. Yikes.

Feature image courtesy of Unsplash
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