YouTuber Gives Down-To-Earth Graduation Speech And It Involves Drugs And Super Saiyans

Graduation Speech
Photo by YouTube/nigahiga

Ah, July, that time of the year where a lot of people walk towards the stage wearing togas and cumbersome academic caps. At least that is the case for high school students. Then there are the inspirational and 120 percent dedicated high school graduation speeches which can be very easy to relate to if you are an honor student.

However, one guy from YouTube thinks that these sort of High School speeches are not for everyone. Ryan Higa or otherwise known as nigahiga from YouTube thinks honesty is better than unrelatable inspirational fluff. So the guy makes a point with his own video and his own version of a high school graduation speech. Check out what he has to say below.

Gotta say, using Super Saiyans to inspire people is downright effective. Doesn’t his speech make you want to go back to high school and re-experience graduation? Or convince you to watch Dragon Ball at least?

Photo by Wikipedia/istolethetv

While some of Ryan’s points were quite questionable, such as being whoever you want, even if you want to be a drug dealer, a lot of it does make sense. It is not entirely remote that some students feel depressed or even suicidal after incurring the stress of school. Still, Ryan’s speech version can be a lot more relatable for people.

It is actually a proven fact that intrinsic goals such as trying to achieve happiness make people less stressed. This is compared to extrinsic goals such as money, status, or property. Ryan’s graduation speech and opinions on life do seem to tackle this a bit. So take heed new high school graduates, don’t forget why you are working hard!

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