Youtube Launching 60 New Channels From Sports To Comedy And More

While most people think of Youtube as the host of Millions upon Millions of videos, they don’t think of them as the driving force behind many shows. Unsurprisingly though, they are. Last year, the World’s largest video site set out on a mission to roll out new and unique shows that users can build an interest in. After all, content is King.

They invested in and released nearly 100 shows and while that seems like quite a bit, they’re not even close to stopping. Yesterday on the official Youtube blog, Youtube’s Global Head of Content, Robert Kyncl, said that the channels are doing very well and they’re gearing up for launching even more shows, 60 of them to be precise.

The new channels will be launching in the UK, Germany, France, and the United States, and will feature such topics as music, news, health and wellness, sports, comedy, animation, and more. As far as the channels that have already been launched in the past year, here’s some notable stats:

  • 4 Billion hours of content viewed each month from around 800 Million viewers
  • Subscriptions have doubled
  • Channels reaching 100,000 subscribers five times faster compared to 2010
  • Top 25 channels averaging 1 Million+ views per week

Not bad one bit. With the 60 new channels set to come to Youtube, a whopping 53 will launch immediately while the other 7 will roll out gradually over the next several months. The video site is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon and why should they? It’s pretty clear that what they’re doing is working and keeping Millions of viewers from around the World entertained and learning.



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