YouTube Adds New Features When Uploading A Video

With YouTube releasing their upcoming design to a limited number of users, they’re also working on new features to the publishing interface that are available to use now. Over the years, the upload process has gotten significantly better and these new features look to continue that trend in a few different areas.

One of the first changes is with distribution. Previously, whenever you would upload a video and have it marked as public, all your subscribers would get a notification. Now, you can choose whether or not to notify subscribers once the video is up.

The reasoning for this is simple: Sometimes people will upload a video that’s maybe not a typical video they share and don’t want it to take up space in a user’s subscriptions. Or maybe it’s a long video and they’d like to also create short, quick clips.

By un-checking the “Notify subscribers” box during the upload process, subscribers won’t see it on the homepage and those who subscribe to email notifications won’t receive anything either.

Another feature is the ability to upload a custom thumbnail earlier in the upload process. Custom thumbnails have been around since earlier in the year, but you’d have to wait until after the video is processed to see them.

Tags have also been updated with just a slight design change. With the new design change, when you add a comma after your tag, it becomes surrounded by a box, similar to the process on Tumblr.



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