You Might Be a Hipster If… [Quiz]

Are you a hipster? Find out right now, man. Or whatever.


The word “hipster” gets thrown around quite a bit. But the definition seems to change depending on who you’re talking to. There are, however, a few basic tenants of hipsterism, so take a look at this list in case you’ve been wondering if you fall into this elusive category.

You Might Be a Hipster If…

  • You find yourself saying “their first album was better” on a regular basis.
  • You’ve proclaimed “craft beer is the new wine” at some point in your life.
  • You’ve seriously considered getting a corncob pipe.
  • You own a corncob pipe.
  • You smoke cigarettes, but you roll them yourself—and keep them in a vintage cigarette case.
  • Your jeans are either too tight or too loose; as long as it’s the opposite of what everybody else is wearing.
  • You keep an old-timey pocket watch in the top pocket of your tweed jacket.
  • If too many people are wearing that ironic tee shirt, it’s time to find another ironic tee shirt.
  • You listen to NPR.
  • You don’t listen to NPR because it’s too mainstream.
  • You drink Pabst Blue Ribbon.
  • You don’t drink Pabst Blue Ribbon because it’s too mainstream.
  • You don’t really care about this quiz. Whatever.

So What If You’re a Hipster?

Maybe you meet some of these criteria, maybe you don’t. Does it really matter? The answer, of course, is maybe. Do you care about labels, or are you just happy being you? So what if you’re a hipster? Is being on the cutting edge of culture and fashion all that bad? Not to mention, your aesthetic totally makes people jealous.


If you aren’t a hipster, don’t think you also can’t rock the same eclectic accessories as your bearded, irony loving friends. The point is: don’t let labels define you. It’s your job to define yourself, and let everybody else catch up. Wear what looks good and be who you want to be. Or don’t. Whatever. Who cares?

Timothy Bertrand
Writer and journalist living in the Houston, Texas area. Follow me for breaking news, editorials, pictures of cats doing human activities, and other such content from around the web.


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