10 Scariest Face Swaps of All Time

Just in time for Halloween, these face swaps are scary and hilarious. They’re scilarious.


Let’s face it: the internet can be a scary place. But of all the nightmare-inducing material on the internet, face-swaps might be the worst. Never has the world seen such an elegant mixture of hilarity and sheer terror. Just in time for the Halloween season, here are ten of our favorite disturbing, yet hilarious face swaps.

Can You Tell They’re Related?


There’s definitely a strong family resemblance going on here. Disturbed yet? Trust us, it only gets worse from here.

Like Father, Like Son


There’s nothing like a day at the beach. Until, that is, you spot this disturbing father and son duo.



Is it just us, or does this dad look a bit like Gollum from Lord of the Rings?

Chillin‘ With Grandpa


These baby faceswaps are just getting worse.

A Dog and His Boy


Yikes! That’s the kind of thing that will scar you for life.

Pugman and Manpug


We’re almost okay with the human-faced dog, but the dog-faced human is something straight out of our deepest repressed memories.

Yes, Master


It’s obvious what’s happening here: the chicken has hypnotized that poor, innocent little girl, no doubt intending to take over the world and enslave all of humanity.

Now I’m a Belieber

15-disturbing-yet-hilarious-face-swaps-11 (1)

When Justin Bieber met Canada’s Prime Minister, nobody expected they would suddenly and inexplicably switch bodies. You can’t help but weep for the future of Canada.

Come on Down the Chimney Tonight


It’s a fact: some people find Santa Claus scary. This takes that clausophobia to whole new levels.



This is why you never, ever, ever faceswap with a doll. Clearly, it will steal your soul and trap you inside its body for all eternity.

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