Yet Another Billionaire Playboy Strives To Be #KingOfInstagram


The battle for the title of #KingOfInstagram is getting a little larger.

We’ve all seen the decadent social media displays of wealth from Dan Bilzerian and Tony Toutouni, two billionaire playboys who love to show off their plethora of money, women and ultimate luxuries.

Well, it seems one Australian man is looking to claim the throne as the #KingOfInstagram. Travers Beynon is a former AFL player and current managing director of Freechoice Tobacco, which seems to be a pretty lucrative gig as seen by his luxurious lifestyle. While he may not have the most amazing beard, like professional poker player, Dan Bilzerian, Travers does have a pretty epic sense of fashion.


Posting with the username, candyshopmansion, Travers Beynon has picture after picture of himself surrounded by gorgeous women.

While he is known for his exaggerated lifestyle, he also knows hard work pays off. Beynon takes his job very seriously.

We can’t help but wonder what craziness would happen if Beynon hung out with Dan Bilzerian and Tony Toutouni…

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