Domino’s To Launch Tweet-a-Pizza


See that pizza up there? the one with all the delicious bubbly cheese, sizzling peperoni, and that knee-weakening glaze of 100% tastiness that’s absolutely hard to beat? Soon, you could be having that party in your mouth right now — and it’s as simple as a tweet away.

5633075697_392d988a17_bDomino’s will launch its newest campaign to hit social media with a “tweet-to-order” system that lets US customers tweet them to order a pizza. this will place Domino’s as the first ever pizza delivery giant in the restaurant business to use social media to place and complete orders.

A simple tweet too boring for you? Try this on for size: for frequent customers, Domino’s will gladly receive and complete an order for them just from them tweeting a pizza emoji. Talk about the ultimate form of convenience! #Yum.

This bold move shows Domino’s where their target market is at, and how to best get their attention. They love busy, young consumers who love their tech (and of course, their pizza), but hate to wait. The shift to going on Twitter was easy, considering that majority of their orders are placed online.

Not only will this campaign attract long-time loyal customers, but it could also be a boost of good online PR, and could give the company the cutting edge it needs to put other pizza chains on their toes. It also opens up more possibilities to reach their customers through smart advertising and promos specifically released on Twitter.

“We want to make it as easy as possible for people to order from us — and this is pretty darned easy,” says Patrick Doyle, CEO of Domino’s.

Days away from the launch of this”tweet-to-order” campaign, Doyle already has set his sights on bigger plans for the future. What could they be? We can only watch with baited breath, and keep our thumbs on our smart phones quick and ready for good measure.

photo credit: Pizza that makes you wanna cry! and 192/365 – 4/18/2011 via photopin (license)

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