One Taco Bell Is Really Trying To Live Mas With Its Latest Menu Addition

Taco Bell

Have you ever thought a stiff drink would go perfect with your Doritos Locos Tacos? Well, one Taco Bell restaurant thinks that’s a recipe for success. Chicago’s Wicker Park Taco Bell location has applied for a liquor license to become the first of the Yum! brand restaurant to serve alcohol.

Let’s face it. 90 percent of Taco Bell’s customers are drunk anyways, so why not cut out the middle man and just serve up the booze too?

The Yum! brand spoke out about the new restaurant concept, calling it a “completely new urban restaurant design.” The location should be pretty unique, because it would be competing with other more upscale taco restaurants that serve alcohol.

Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time the idea of serving up alcohol at a Yum! franchise has been brought up. Bloomberg Business says there was once talk of serving boozy milkshakes at Taco Bell’s upscale sister restaurant, U.S. Taco Co.

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[Photo credit: Peter Bohler for Bloomberg Businessweek]

Unfortunately, the restaurant did not get approval for the liquor license. “Original plans to recommend taco-beer pairings, such as lobster tacos with blueberry beer from Maine, will be replaced with taco-soda pairings. The plan to serve up milkshakes spiked with Guinness beer and tequila will instead be offered virgin.”

Time will only tell if the Wicker Park Taco Bell will meet the same demise. The restaurant is set to open sometime this summer.

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