WTF of the Day: Men From Thailand are Having Their Penises Whitened

How do you write a good article when the title already spoils the killer plot twist? There is no gentle way for me to dance around this, people. Men in Thailand are having their penises whitened. And yes, it is just as racist as it sounds.

The men doing the “penis bleaching” in Thailand are doing it because the darker skin tones means lower class, field-workers, while lighter skin essentially means you are of a higher social status and never had to toil in the fields. Pretty much just as racist as you thought it was.


Then some important guy from Thailand’s health ministry went on Twitter and told everyone to stop bleaching their collective penis because it is very painful and essentially makes NO SENSE whatsoever. Note how swirly and pretty their writing is because why not.


As of now, Trump’s people have yet to get back to us but rumor is he wants to do same thing to Americans, just with our whole bodies.





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