Female’s Farts Smell Worse Than Male’s – Here’s Why!


Michael Levitt, gastroenterologist, indicates that women’s farts smell worse (on average) than men’s, due to higher amounts of hydrogen sulfide.

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Most of the scent in a fart derives from the gasses delivered by microbes in your stomach. As the food in your gut is digested by microscopic organisms, they discharge gas which is passed out of your organic structure when you ‘toot your booty flute.’

As a result of this, various people (with different combos of stomach bacteria) will generate different smells.

Farts that are unacquainted (as in, from other persons) prompt a stronger reaction from our sniffers. That’s because unfamiliar, nasty scents (farts included, but too things like spoiled food) are regarded as a sign of ‘danger’ to our noses, indications we’ve been skilled through innumerable generations of evolution to avert.

Though the mix of gasses in your bowels also can make a significant difference in a fart’s smell, with the grossest smell of all ordinarily listed as hydrogen sulfide (in fact, people have compared it to rotten eggs.)

Healthy foods such as peas and broccoli too produce this gas; and since women’s diets are generally healthier, it’s the primary reason their farts are stinkier than men’s.

Other gasses typically found in farts consist of methanethiol, which is said to smell like “decomposing vegetables,” and the vile dulcet-smelling dimethyl sulfide. Other perpetrators for malodorous toots include wine and beans, which both are high in sulfur. Foods such as red meat, that cause buildup and constipation in your colon, can affect also the stench of your gas.


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