Woman’s Horror at Naked Man Chilling in the Back of Tinder Match’s Photo

We didn’t think we’d find a more awkward Tinder moment than the guy who matched with his sister, but oh, how wrong we were.

Mirror selfies are par for the course on dating apps, but let this story be a reminder to always check what else is being reflected in your snap.

A guy named Hideo opted for a selfie of himself in a changing room for his Tinder profile (we’ve heard of gym selfies, but come on). He probably thought he was looking pretty fly, but he really should have checked what was going on in the background.

Because Hideo apparently didn’t pick up on the naked man changing behind him, penis dangling in all its glory.

Well, stand-up comedian Dalia Malek certainly noticed. She shared Hideo’s profile picture to Twitter, along with the caption “Found my soulmate on Tinder.”

Dalia also posted screenshots of her chat with Hideo, whose bio claims he is a 34-year-old sushi chef living in San Francisco.

Unfortunately, it looks as though Hideo didn’t find the situation as funny as the rest of us. After Dalia pointed out that the dude in the background has “his whole d*ck out,” he responded with an unimpressed “f*ck you.”

What a charmer!

The hilarious exchange has since been retweeted over 4,000 times, with Twitter users having a good laugh at her match’s expense.

One commented: “I would have said ‘so can I get the background dude’s number?'”

Woman's Horror at Naked Man Chilling in the Back of Tinder Match's Photo
Source: Dalia Malek, Twitter

While another replied: “You have a good eye for the small details”.

Others were confused about why the background character had put his socks on before his undies, with one confused tweeter asking: “Do guys normally put their socks on before literally anything else? They’re the last thing I put on”.

Whereas others couldn’t understand Hideo’s anger at the situation, with one commentor describing it as “a great icebreaker.”

Although not exactly your typical meet-cute, it would have made an interesting story to tell the grandkids.

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