Swiped Right: Woman’s Tinder Date Donates Kidney To Her And Saves Her Life

Tinder Date
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Tinder is often a magical place on the internet where you could, on paper, find a partner just by swiping. In practice, however, you’ll have to wade through a lot of online creeps, posers, and sex addicts before finding someone decent. One girl, however, struck gold because instead of getting an STD from a Tinder date, she got a kidney which saved her life.


22-year-old Cheyenne Han Lee from California was recently the luckiest girl on Earth just because she swiped right. Two years ago, she took the chance to start a relationship with Tinder date Gavin Geragawa. The two started dating almost immediately after getting matched on the app. However, a few months into the relationship, Han Lee got badly sick.


She actually collapsed during one of their dates. The doctors found out that she had kidney failure and they were only operating at a poor 2 percent of their function. Han Lee was also surprised at her kidney failure since it had been invisible for the most part up until she collapsed. She needed a transplant quickly if she were to live.


Geragawa did not hesitate, he got tested right away and found that they were a match, not just in Tinder, but also in their body organs. What were the chances? Hence, the two underwent a successful operation back in October. They are now recovered and healthy, especially Han Lee.

“When people ask the question of why I’m doing this, I tell them it’s not a question of why, but rather, how can I not? I don’t think I’m special, I think anybody in my position would do the same thing. Regular 22-year-olds aren’t supposed to suffer like she has – I’ll do anything to make it a little better for her,” said Geragawa.

“Beforehand, if she had broken up with me, I’d still do it. If she breaks up with me after, that will still be fine. It’s not about the relationship – it’s about giving her a good life and being healthy and happy,” he added. Needless to say, they are still a happy and healthy couple. They truly are a match made in heaven, and to think that it all started with a Tinder date.

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