Guy Matches with Sister on Tinder and it’s Unsurprisingly Awkward

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Any single person has at least one Tinder horror story. From the guy who accidentally group-texted all 32 of his matches, to the many women who’ve encountered a creep (so, all of them), the dating app is definitely not the place to find ever-lasting love.

Still, this Tinder match tale is particularly cringe-worthy. A teen recently matched with his sister on the site, and well, at least it made us laugh.

A bit freaked out after coming across what appeared to be his older sister on the dating app, the dude decided to swipe right on her profile to see if the girl was really her.

It was, and an awkward conversation quickly followed.

The guy shared the tale of his nightmare match on Twitter, along with the caption: “WTF Just matched with my sister on tinder. Someone execute me. I want electric chair.”

After matching, the brother began the text thread with “WTF. Sissy??”

To which she replied: “What the flip are you doing on here??? You aren’t 18+”

His response?: “This is so gross. I’m calling mom” with a sick face emoji.

To which his sister clapped back: “I already called her. Have fun in juvi.”

Guy Matches with Sister on Tinder and it's Unsurprisingly Awkward

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