Man Beats Up Wife After Learning She Trolled His YouTube Vids For 6 Months


A man stands accused of assaulting his wife after he learned that she had trolled his attempts to become a YouTuber for roughly six months.

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Prior to the assault, the man started posting videos shining light on some of Oita City’s sightseeing spots and restaurants and gathering revenue from the number of views he received on YouTube. But, in addition to clicks, he too was getting several negative and offensive comments such as, “baldy” and “idiot.” Back in March, he found out that it was his own spouse that trolled him and discovered that she had asked associates as well to leave offensive comments. Infuriated by the news, the man bound his wife’s legs and arms with tape, and whatever he could find. He then reportedly kicked her in the face, resulting in injuries that lasted nearly a month.

In the midst of the trial the man confessed to the attack and that same day both sides rested their cases, with the prosecution asking for a three-year prison sentence. Online commentors added: “Looks like baldy’s going to prison.” “What she did was bad, but she didn’t deserve that.” “At least he got comments. I can’t get any on my videos.” “He wants to be a YouTuber…and he’s 44?” “Clearly the wife was trying to steer him towards a regular job. But there are better ways of doing that.” “Baldy has a short fuse.” “I’ve come to learn that anyone who identifies themselves as a YouTuber should be dealt with very delicately. They tend to be live wires.” “Surely calling someone ‘baldy’ in public is a form of abuse too.” “Since when does being bald prohibit one from being a YouTuber?” “I can’t tell if this marriage is a disaster, or if these two were made for each other.” “Isn’t she also guilty of defamation?” “I figured it was common sense that if I call anyone ‘baldy’ they will attack me.” “This is just sad.”


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