Georgia Woman Pumping Fuel Kicked In Head By Deer


A woman in Georgia went to put gas in her tank before work Friday morning when the unanticipated happened: she got drop kicked by a deer.

via UPI; Still shot of woman kicked by deer at a Georgia gas station

Lynda Tennent told reporters she was pumping fuel in Brunswick when a deer pounced over her head, simultaneously kicking her in the path. “I thought I was being robbed,” stated Tennent. “I reached up and grabbed my head… I thought I was bleeding.” The hoof struck her when she wasn’t looking, catching her by total surprise. She stood there for a second to take in what occurred. Despite the painful event, she told local news she was still in high spirits. “You know the funny thing? I was just worried I was going to be late for work.” Tennent noted the deer sprinted off. Now she has a tale to share with her coworkers.

If you encounter a deer (at a gas station or anywhere!) and it begins to change its ear posture or stance, or starts to stomp its huff or feet, slowly and steadily back away from it. If you got too near and it begins to approach you, wave a jacket or other item in the deer’s direction or utilize it to make yourself seem larger, yell at the animal, and make a plethora of loud noises whilst you attempt to back away. DO NOT turn your back on the deer. If it charges at you, put an object between you and the animal, particularly if it’s a buck. A large stick, backpack, or a rock may prevent you from getting stuck. Carry on with trying to depart the area, or climb a tree nearby or some other tall spot so that the deer can’t reach you. Providing the deer knocks you down, curl up asap into the fetal position and diligently protect your head, neck and vital organs.

To see the deer kick the lady – click HERE.


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