Inebriated Man Caught ‘Trying To Have Sex With A Traffic Cone’


A drunk 48-year-old was spotted sitting on the floor with his slacks and underwear yanked down with an upturned traffic cone on his lap.

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Trevor Smith was ‘thrusting his hips’ towards the cone at Wigan Northern Western station. The encounter was witnessed by two staff members, who called authorities. When cops arrived, they found Smith this time on top of the cone – with his trousers still down. In a victim impact statement interpreted to the court, one of the guys stated he was ‘disgusted and shocked’ at what he was subjected to. He claimed: “I believe he was trying to have sex with the cone. I was in complete shock. I have not seen anything like that in all my time working on the railways. He was in a location where anyone, including children, could have walked in and seen him and should be ashamed of himself.” After realizing cops had showed up and were observing him, Smith pulled up his slacks. Police approached him and noticed oddments of white powder around his facial area.

Smith had two prior convictions for sex acts in public, the court heard. The initial one was from 2012 when a lady busted him performing a sex act nude and ‘on all fours’ on a kitchen roof. He was given a conditional discharge. The second was in 2015 when he was discovered performing an indecent act whilst in a car cloaked in a blanket. Liverpool Crown Court imposed a three-year community order, which Smith later breached. The order was rescinded and he was sentenced to three months in prison. In this latest case, magistrates elected that, due to Smith’s previous offending, its forces were not adequate to sentence him and his case was forwarded to Crown Court. On unconditional bail he was remanded and at Bolton Crown Court will be sentenced on October 24th.


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