Woman Cuddles With Pet Crocodile [Video]


One Australian lady couldn’t settle for a loyal dog or a house cat, she needed something much bigger.

How about a pet crocodile. Named ‘Johnie’, the crocodile is believed to be the only domesticated freshwater crocodile in the world. The 19-year-old reptile is Vicki Lowing’s best friend. A friend with scales and 70 extremely sharp teeth.

Johnie shares the bed with Lowing, goes for walks on a leash and even showers with his master.

Surprisingly, Lowing says she has never once been attacked. A long time ago, Johnie nipped at her, but Lowing says it was because she accidentally stepped on him.

Lowing has a thing for exotic animals. She also owns 9 snakes, 4 lizards, 4 turtles, and a saltwater croc called Jilthia, who lives in the garage.

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