Man Pays To Have Bride Killed – Then, She Crashes Her Own Funeral


A man paid to have his wife killed. Though after escaping certain death, she attended her own funeral and got the ultimate revenge.

via LoveThisPic; Noela Rukundo

Noela Rukundo, from Africa, in 2004 met refugee, Balenga Kalala, while in Australia. They ultimately got married, though in 2015 Rukundo went back to Burundi due to her stepmother’s death. That is when things went left field.

Her husband phoned her while she was in her hotel room. He instructed her to go out and ‘get some fresh air’ however when she did, a man approached her suddenly. The man threatened her with a firearm, warning her not to scream. He then escorted her to a remote location. Although Rukundo was petrified, it appeared that she was not the only one with inquiries.

The men who held her captive were attempting to figure out why she deserved this misfortune. “What did you do to this man?” Rukundo recalls them asking repeatedly. “Why would he want us to kill you?” Rukundo stated she had no idea but it was then that she found out that her spouse placed the hit on her. The men called the individual who salaried them and she recognized his voice.

via Taringa; Balenga Kalala

The abductors couldn’t go through with the job, even though they told her husband that they had murdered her. Rukundo was even listening when they informed her husband where they were dumping the body. Meantime in Australia, her funeral was being held.

Kalala presumed things were ‘all good,’ until his wife popped up at the funeral service! Initially, he didn’t believe she was real. Kalala even touched her to make certain she was not a ghost. When he knew what was really taking place, he apologized but Rukundo wasn’t trying to hear it.

She waited until the funeral ended and then called the cops to have Kalala arrested. He denied the hit but the snatchers had already turned the information over to authorities. They possessed the recording and all the necessary information to get him arrested and charged. At length, he was sentenced to 9 years in prison.


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