Wife’s Oppressive List Of Husband Rules Goes Viral, Can You Handle It?

husband rules
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For a lot of people, marriage is up there in their bucket list of milestones in life. After all, having someone to spend the rest of your life with no matter what is quite an achievement. Unfortunately, there are others who have a different view of what a marriage or even a relationship should be. One woman posted her list of “husband rules” on Facebook and the internet could not help but feel sorry for the husband.


A presumably married Australian woman known only by her Facebook name “Rosiee” posted the said list of husband rules on a Facebook group. There, she asked for opinions on whether it was too harsh or just alright. People turned out to be a lot more interested in Rosiee’s views of a relationship and the comment section turned into a riot. Check out them rules gentlemen:

husband rules
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It all started going downhill on the second rule and became progressively worse. While a lot of couples do have their own rules, written or otherwise, they tend to be reasonable and doable. Hence, a people pointed out that Rosiee’s rules were simply too much was even too oppressive. Comments ranged from “Just get a dog,” to “I don’t think he agreed to be your slave when you married him.”


It is also worth noting this was not the original list and it was actually a rewrite, according to Rosiee. Goodness knows what the original list contained, it probably prohibited the husband from not having a dream without her in it or without her permission even. The post has since been deleted.

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