Woman Claims She Is Allergic To Wi-Fi, Gets Disability Pay

One French woman has won a landmark disability case with an unusual topic. Marine Richard claims she suffers from a rare allergy to Wi-Fi. The allergy consists of having a condition recognized by the World Health Organization. Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, also known as EHS, only affects a small amount of the population, but the effects are severe.

In Ms, Richard’s case, she was forced to move to a remote area in the Southwest France. There she lives in a barn with no electricity. Even the presence of a cell phone can cause Richard to suffer from headaches, fatigue, nausea and palpitations.

Richard claims that her condition leave her unable to work, so she says she should be eligible for disability payments. Her fight for this support led to the unusual suit.

wifi disability

The court granted her request and she will now receive about $900 a month. Even though Richard was awarded payments, the court still refused to formally recognize EHS.

Now, don’t get any ideas. This is a once in a lifetime ruling. If you believe you are suffering from EHS, you might have a hard time proving your condition. The professional medical community does not recognize this condition and there is zero evidence that this is a severe and real condition.

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