Wild Crocodile Wanders Into Someone’s Backyard, Gets Cuddled By Homeowner

Photo by Nextshark

Cities often expand at quite a rapid rate and human beings’ shelter and influence often overlap with nature‘s because of this. Hence, homes can and will get a lot of odd and unwanted visitors from the animal kingdom. A wild crocodile is surely not something you see every day as a visitor, that’s probably why a homeowner gave it a cuddle instead of a shoo.


The incident happened in Malaysia last week in 22-year-old homeowner Azy Nadia Aziz’s home. Aziz was going about her usual house activities until she came upon the backyard. There, she found an unlikely guest: a wild crocodile just hanging around making itself at home.


Any other person would have felt threatened at the mere sight of the apex predator. They have been known to grind humans for food, why else would we make horror movies about them? Aziz, however, did not feel fear or danger from the wild crocodile. It seems she actually found the reptilian home invader quite cute, so Aziz picked it up and cuddled it like a pet:

“I saw the crocodile not moving and not aggressive, so I caught it and brought it into the house,” said Aziz. The said wild crocodile measured around 1.5 meters (4.92 feet) long and appears to be quite young. Aziz also assumed that it might have come from the nearby river which is close to her house. Regardless, the photos and videos of Aziz cuddling the croc drew some flak online.


“Stop criticising me as I did not keep it as a pet. I only captured it for a while,” said Aziz after much backlash from the internet. Aziz also stressed that she immediately released it afterwards.

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