Why it’s So Important to Monitor Marketing Trends

Timing is everything! This is a common phrase you can hear in just about any situation. For business and marketing, it is just as important as anywhere else. Staying on top of the trends in real time is a key aspect for the success of your business. In order to be on top of timing of trends in marketing, you need to constantly measure and monitor what is happening with your audience and your competition.

The media landscape is changing continuously, with technology advancing at the speed of light. Keeping on top of all this communication, including traditional television, radio and print combined with digital channels, the web, and social media is the challenge. This is where media monitoring tools and media intelligence software come in to play. Utilising the type of tools offered by companies like Isentia, is how you turn the challenge of technology change into an opportunity. Here are 5 ways that media monitoring can help your brand stay on top of the latest trends:

Real Time Monitoring:

Is your business spontaneous? Media monitoring can help your brand to be spontaneous with posting, reactions, and engagement. When it comes to social media and press relations, reacting quickly is vital to capitalising on media mentions and preventing reputation nightmares.

With push notifications, you can set up alerts for when your brand is mentioned online or in the news. This will allow you to be aware of any negative comments and immediately react to them in making sure that your brand remains reputable. If you want to learn all about push notifications, try searching for a tutorial or check out plenty of online resources available on the subject. This way, you can stay on top of customer sentiment, actively engage in conversations and make sure that your brand is being heard.

Build Social Buzz:

The media looks to social media for most of their stories because of the immediacy of the medium, so staying on top of social media trends through media monitoring will help you build on that social buzz. You can keep track of these media mentions when you use media monitoring tools, but also run with it when you have a story that is mentioned in the media. Building on top of these mentions is where you get the buzz from.

Connect with Your Audiences:

Do you know what your audiences like, what they are into, and on which channels they want to connect with you? All of these very important questions can be answered with media intelligence software. The tools can help you gain a better understanding of your target audiences which, in turn, helps you connect with them on the channels they use.

Control Content Creation:

Media monitoring tools can help guide you to see what type of content does best, where you need more content, and which channels help connect your content to your audience the most. You will always be able to see where you need content and know which type of content does well with your customers, readers, potential consumers, and the media.

Identify Influencers:

For any business that is engaging in social media marketing, finding influencers helps you do your job better and more efficiently. Media monitoring tools can identify influencers and connect to them.

Summary and Takeaways for Your Business

As you can see, there are so many uses for media monitoring. It can be used in many more ways that you might have typically thought, using the robust set of tools and intelligence information that you gather with them. Media monitoring can help you stay on the trends, and even more importantly, understand which trends your audience is most interested in and connect with them using these trends. Media monitoring also helps you stay on trend with real time data measurement and reporting, by building buzz on social media, content creation, and identifying influencers that will always help keep your brand in the forefront.


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