Ottawa Archbishop Catches Heat for Allowing Giant Robot Spider To Take Over Church

First off, this title is a slight bit misleading. As much as I would LOVE to tell you a giant, robot spider took over a church and now leads the sermon it every Sunday, that would be both freaky and hilarious, but that is not the case here.

In this case, the Archbishop of Ottawa is catching heat for letting someone put up a giant, robotic spider on top of the Notre Dame cathedral there. Yes, you did read that part correctly. There is a giant, mechanical spider on Notre Dame in Ottawa, Ontario. The exact spider can be seen in video below.


The show opened July 27 in the evening, with Kumo “waking up” to organ music from inside the cathedral. As the spider, suspended from cranes, climbed off its perch between the towers, “snow” fell from above as part of the event’s special effects.

As you can imagine, there has been quite a public outcry, with some people even calling  it sacrilegious or satanic. Hate to take the wind out of their sails but it was a pre-approved art instillation, and that is all it is. Odd to put on a church, yes, but regardless, it is there.

But still, I can also understand why some church goers would be put off by a giant, mechanical spider (that moves, by the way) nested atop a church steeple. I can see where that is a little spooky (though kinda badass, really.)

It’s name is Kumo, by the way. Maybe if you treat our new robot overlords well they will embrace us as opposed to putting us into human zoos.



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