Whitney Houston Dies, Twitter Lights Up With 2.48 Million Responses In First Hour

Whitney Houston Dead

Whitney Houston died on Saturday at the age of 48 and in response to her death Twitter blew up with 2,481,652 tweets mentioning the former number one singer in the first full hour after the Associated Press tweeted about the singers death.

At 5:23 pm (PST) 61,227 tweets were sent in a one minute timespan.

The AP story that was posted on MSNBC managed to pull in more than 13 thousand tweets, far short of Rapper Lil Wayne’s 29,000 retweet record but still an impressive number in such a short period of time.

Twitter also helped generate more than 3,000 video recordings of Whitney Houston’s songs.

All information for this post via Topsy.com TopsyLabs analytics



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