What’s up with the Freedom Phone and Why is it Trending Right Now?

The latest trend in technology is making waves across the internet – the Freedom Phone. This phone has features that no other smartphone has – freedom and privacy. The Freedom phone is boasted as the solution to data privacy. This is especially true now that there are widespread discussions about tech giants selling and sharing the private data of their users. On top of that, the phone producer also boasts that it is potentially uncensorable.

But, what is it really and what should we know about it?

The MAGA Phone, What is it?

Produced by a self-described Bitcoin Millionaire, the Freedom Phone is introduced by Erik Finman. Selling at $499, it is priced somewhere in the midrange. Not too expensive as the iPhone (roughly priced at around $700) but not on the ‘affordable’ scale as well (<$100).

The main selling point of the phone would be that it does not allow the phone to ‘spy’ on you. There are extensive discussions online that your phone’s microphone records you and translates it to targeted ads. There are also theories that your laptop’s camera and your phone camera are used to spy on you (best to keep it blocked with a sticker). People are on edge about this and it does become difficult not to think that it ain’t true. This is why the claims of the Freedom phone (albeit ambitious) are valid to a point.

Now, the problem really relies on what it is selling. Other than claiming that it is ‘uncensorable’, no one knows what other features it has. Would it be like an ordinary Android phone? What RAM and memory are we looking at? The Freedom Phone website does not put that in detail, other than the fact that it would work with both domestic and international data providers.

Perpetually ‘uncensorable’ and a question of security

One of the features that the Freedom phone boasts of would be its ‘one-of-a-kind’ OS – the FreedomOS. It also has its own app store (PatriApp store) and its own privacy app (Trust). It also has a lot of pre-installed apps that the phone claims would help you, but are just looking like bloatware. The website claims that it will do everything your normal phone does, except spy on you. How it does that, well, the website does not exactly explain. As it is becoming a hot topic in the past few days, a lot of experts have already put in their pieces about it. The widespread conclusion – it might be a scam and has it worse for privacy.

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